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Maintain peace of mind every time you use your shower or see the kids splashing widely in the tub.

Sell your home with confidence knowing that it will pass pre-sale inspection with every wet area being waterproofed and signed off by the council.

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Interior Waterproofing Specialists Auckland

JB Tiling is your interior wet area and bathroom waterproofing specialist in Auckland. Fully Insured and holding PS3 Authorship rights for the Auckland City Council.

Fully qualified by NZQA and holding numerous certifications from various waterproofing system manufactuerers, we have all the know-how and paper work to back up all of our waterproofing work. To top it all off; 25 years experience in producing quality waterproofing work.

Why You Should Get Interior Waterproofing

The phrase “leaky home” has become ingrained in the Kiwi Lexicon. It sends chills and provokes worried looks every time a homeowner hear’s those dreaded words.

The long-lasting effects of the housing boom in the 90’s have been rearing their heads decades later and costing millions upon millions of dollars in repair bills.

Back then there was a huge need for new housing, the economy was booming and people were flooding into our shores and needed somewhere to live.

Seeing the opportunity and trying to keep up with demands, new construction sprouted up like gorse on a field and was throwing up homes and apartment buildings with reckless abandon.

Regulations were skipped over and before the new concrete had even cured, the home was sold off to its eager new owner.

Things like waterproofing and cladding designed for New Zealand conditions fell on the way-side and within a few years, those deficits showed.

Whole entire floors were falling in due to water damage caused by leaking bathrooms, whole entire homes were rotting from the inside out and as a result, tough regulations were put in place to stop new builds from falling to the same fate.

JB Tiling is proud to say our standards never fell in that mad era of fast and loose construction, every bathroom we tiled was fully waterproofed according to specification.

25 years later nothing has changed, just the waterproofing materials have gotten even better and safer for Auckland homes.

We are also fully certified and Auckland Council approved interior waterproofers that can supply producer’s statements for every waterproofing job completed.

If you want full piece of mind that your wet area will not leak and you will not have difficulty selling your home, then we can provide the interior waterproofing service that ticks all the boxes.

Waterproof Experts: The JB Tiling Difference 

Water is the two-edged sword in every home and business.

We all need it neatly plumbed in its pipes, coming on at the press of the button and washing away life’s messes or providing hydration amongst countless other things.

In that context, we all love water and heavily rely on it in our everyday lives.

But that very same water that makes a home a home and basically keeps us alive, can also lead to hazardous mould growth and bottomless repair pits if it goes anywhere except where it’s needed.

Bathroom Waterproofing


If your bathroom leaks, that water can run where it wants and can wreak havoc on the building’s structure for months before it is even detected – and when it is, it’s usually too late.

If your shower leaks, the water will go into the wooden structure of the home and begin rotting the beams, the subfloor and this damage can extend to the rooms bordering the bathroom.

Sometimes this damage can manifest itself as tell-tale water damage marks on the walls or damp carpet, other times it’ll remain completely undetected until your floor sags and ultimately falls through.

After 25 years of interior tiling & waterproofing in Auckland, we have seen countless instances of leaking bathrooms and actual floors falling through to the level below.

Imagine waking up to a loud boom and seeing your toilet is now sitting on your dining room table.

This happened to one unsuspecting family that didn’t know their bathroom had no waterproofing and was slowly rotting away until it was too late.

The understanding of how water works, how it can and will find any weaknesses in a waterproof seal, using proper waterproofing membranes and having training in how to use them, can make any bathroom fully water resistant. 

The understanding of how water works, how it can and will find any weaknesses in a waterproof seal, using proper waterproofing membranes and having training in how to use them, can make any bathroom fully water resistant. “In any building trade, the safety of people is paramount”, says Jesse waterproofing expert in Minneapolis. “This involves experienced professionals trained in many areas of waterproofing”. We are proud to say that after 25 years, none of our bathrooms that we have completed have leaked.

Every client that has trusted us to waterproof their homes have not been let down by our service and you can be safe in the knowledge that that same quality services will be given to you.

Interior Waterproofing in an Auckland Home
Interior Waterproofing being completed in a bathroom.
Interior Bathroom waterproofed.

From using quality waterproofing materials that are council approved for New Zealand conditions and homes, to following industry standard techniques and guidelines, every interior waterproofing project we undertake is guaranteed to make your room watertight.

From showers to bathtubs and interior floors, any of them will be waterproofed to be completely resistant to water ingress while also adapting to the movement of the home to maintain structural integrity for years.

Any room that has water inlets requires some sort of waterproofing according to Council Regulations and we can help you comply with those guidelines.

If you are not sure if your new construction requires interior waterproofing before tiling, feel free to ask on our first consultation. We would be more than happy to advise you on your waterproofing requirements.

Waterproofing Services Auckland


JB Tiling offers a full service in waterproofing bathrooms, laundries, kitchens, toilets and every other wet area that you require. If you want a moisture barrier in your downstairs basement turned rumpus or games room – we can do it too.

A waterproofing membrane can be applied on the floor to keep moisture out and keep the area drier and warmer. This is ideal if you’ll be laying carpet, wooden floor boards and of course tile.

Apart from moisture barriers and regular waterproofing, we can also build shower upstands from water resistant hebel blocks.

Hebel is the ideal material for shower upstands as it will resist moisture and remain solid for years it come.

If you are looking for a dropped floor shower with seamless entry – no problem! We have the know how and materials to fully waterproof that as well. Shower/tub surrounds are no hassle either and can also be fully waterproofed.

In essence, whatever you want, we can make it waterproof and provide a council approved PS3 Certificate so that you have all the legal documents required that say your area has been waterproofed.


I Need My Interior Waterproofed – How Do I Begin?

If you are wanting professional, council approved and reliable Auckland interior waterproofers that can write producer statements, JB Tiling and Waterproofing is the one for you.

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We are more than just West Auckland Interior Waterproofers as our service area extends to all of Auckland; from the North Shore, Central Auckland and South Auckland.

Do not risk extensive repairs bills when your interior room leaks, get it waterproofed once and enjoy the peace of mind that your home will not be a leaky home.

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