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The front entrance of your home or business is a vital component of your exterior design, as it not only creates the foundation but most importantly; creates a lasting impression on your visitors.

No matter how updated or modern your home or business is, a cracked concrete entrance encrusted with moss and stains will negatively impact on the rest of the renovations you worked so hard on.

This applies to exterior decks, swimming pool areas, front porches or any other exterior areas that suffer from a poor finish.

If you are looking to elevate the look of your exterior, set a lasting impression on visitors and raise the value of your property; there is nothing quite like the beautiful finish and durability of exterior tiles.

With the large selection of outdoor tiles available to accompany any style of building in a stunning variety of colours and patterns, you can find a tile to suit every home.

From terracottas and natural stone to porcelain tiles, you’ll be spoilt for choice in which one to pick!

JB Tiling does more than just exterior tiling and so we can help make the difficult decision with you with our free tile consultation and quote service.

We remove the guesswork out of tile selection and help you choose the best tile for your building and end-use requirements.

No two tiles are the same and every tile is designed and manufactured to suit a different purpose.

The slight nuances that make a tile suitable for exteriors, interiors, walls or floors etc can be easily missed and without an informed decision, you could end up making a choice that you’ll end up unhappy with.

By asking the advice of a professional tiler that has been working with tiles for over 25 years, you can be sure that whatever advice we give you on your tile choice will be unbiased and to your exterior requirements.

We do not receive any commissions on any tile or other tiling product that we recommend and we will only recommend a tile if we feel it will be the best option for you based on our years of experience and knowledge of tiled surfaces.

We have nothing to gain except your happiness at the end of the tiling project when you see and use your exterior tiled surface for the first time.

After 25 years, the satisfaction of a smiling customer is always the capstone to another tiled surface that we have installed with pride.

If you are looking for Auckland tilers that can take you through the whole process, from free quote to surface preparation and tiling, JB Tiling should be on the top of your list.

Professional Outdoor Tilers

 We understand that exterior tiles have to endure much more elements and pressures than a standard interior tile ever would.

From high amounts of foot traffic in commercial tiling applications to the constant weather elements, humidity and harsh outdoor cleaning agents, exterior tiles have to withstand a lot.

As beautiful as your exterior tiles may be, a poor installation will cause them to fail due to these factors and will render your tiled surface unsafe to use and a total waste of time and money.

Using trade qualified tilers that hold a National Certificate in Interior and Exterior tiling will guarantee that your tiling job will be done to industrial standards using products that have been approved for exterior tiling applications in New Zealand.

JB Tiling is your qualified exterior tiler and will not only complete your tiling according to those standards but also provide a prompt and reliable service at a competitive price.

Every job we take on is different and requires varied methods of surface preparation to achieve a level and lasting tiled surface.

Where one exterior area may only require some cleaning and priming, others might require extensive use of screeds and levelling compounds to achieve a surface with functioning water drainage.

We commonly see existing substrates that have little to no slopes to promote water run-off, another common problem is water pooling in various spots.

This all indicates that the previous contractor failed to create a level surface and forgot to create a slope in the substrate to allow water to drain into allocated areas.

Some areas were so bad they sloped away from the drain!


Exterior tiled in a West Auckland Home.
Exterior tiling completed in Terracotta In Remuera.
Exterior tiled in a commercial building in South Auckland.
Defects like these and others can be remedied by us with our floor preparation service to ensure your exterior tiles look and function how they should!

If any major work is required like redesigning the surface slopes of your substrate, you will be notified before any work is done so that we can discuss the details and allow you to make an informed decision.

Sometimes there are cheaper options or workarounds to a problem and we will run down the options you have and how they will affect your exterior tiling.

Once the surface is ready to be tiled we will prime the surface to kill off any contaminants to ensure the adhesives form a lasting and powerful bond with the substrate.

Tiling will follow shortly after and we will work diligently using the latest tools in the industry to complete your exterior tiling project in the least amount of time.

After the exterior tiles have been installed, we will grout with a product that can withstand outdoor elements and the occasional spray from a water blaster without losing it’s strength or colour.

When completed, your exterior tiles will be the centre-piece of your exterior design and a feature you will be proud of.

From visiting in-laws and friends to important clients and business partners, your exterior tiling will set the stage and high example that you represent.


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