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JB Tiling – Auckland Central

JB Tiling are your experts in residential and commercial tiling services. With over 25 years experience tiling houses in Auckland, Fully Qualified by BCITO and NZQA – Auckland Council Approved.

Residential Tiling

You can trust JB Tiling to produce the very best tiled finish in your residential Auckland home that will not only look great but also stand the test of time. When you hire my team, you will be provided with professional, reliable and quality work right through the entire process.

Commercial Tiling

JB Tiling has been helping Auckland business owners grow their public appearance and decrease their maintenance bills with tiles for over 25 Years. We have worked in a number of commercial properties, from the Grand Chancellor Hotel In Auckland CBD, the Y.W.C.A, TVNZ, Methven and the Jesters Pies Stores, just to name a few.
The team at JB Tiling was so professional and I was very impressed. My new tiles look amazing! Highly recommended and can’t thank these guys enough! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Jack K.

Auckland Tiling Professionals

Commercial floor completed in a lunch area.
Entrance and floor area tiled in a show room floor in Auckland
Interior wall tiled in a private hospital in East Auckland

Contact JB Tiling

3A Mayoral Dr, Auckland, 1010
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JB Tiling Ltd

Over 25 years tiling houses in Auckland and the North Shore. For all your interior/exterior residential and commercial tiling and waterproofing needs contact JB Tiling today.

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