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The ultimate treat that any homeowner can give to themselves – and their homes – is getting bathroom tiles installed.

Nothing can top the feeling of entering that special and intimate area of your home and seeing the transformation that installing new tiles has achieved. 

From the clean and modern look of porcelain tiles to the warm and soft feeling of natural stone, you can create any atmosphere and look in your very own home.

Want to create a bathroom that will put a fancy spa resort to shame? You can with tiling!

The only limit is your imagination as you can source ceramic and porcelain tiles in just about any design, size or pattern these days and get them installed by a professional Auckland tiler.

JB Tiling has been helping out homeowners create their dream bathrooms for 25 years in Auckland and has the knowledge, experience and skills to turn any drab bathroom into a one of a kind masterpiece of artisan craftsmanship.

We understand that choosing tiles that are right for your home can be daunting, that’s why we offer free tile consultation with our quotes to help you make that decision.

Not all tiles are created equal so ensuring you choose the right tile for your bathroom is paramount to attaining a beautiful and versatile surface that will last for decades.

JB Tiling Bathroom Tiling Experts

For a lot of Auckland homeowners, the bathroom is the most important part of their homes.

It is where they feel they can fully create their own quiet haven and a place that is uniquely their’s. Any sized room can be completely transformed, from small to massive, all benefit from tiles and modern fittings.

After 25 years of creating tiled bathrooms in Auckland, we can safely say that this is true, as no two bathrooms were ever the same.

Every bathroom carries the owners personal signature in the wall and floor tile they have chosen, the style it is laid out in and all the other bathroom fixtures that tie it all together.

When all that comes together, they have created a one of a kind bathroom that they can be proud of every morning and show off to all to their visitors.

We understand the weight and importance of this and respect the value of your bathroom so every project we complete is finished to a professional and industry standard with cut tiles but no cut corners.

Right from the first consultation, you can be sure that we do our best to help you get the bathroom you are dreaming of.

With advice on which tiles are right for bathrooms, to also preparing the new surfaces ready for wall and floor tiles, we can help. 

We have experience in preparing for underfloor heating and just about anything else that is involved with tiling during a bathroom makeover. 

Anything from installing floor tiles underlay, screeding or interior waterproofing and finally tiling and grouting, every step of the process is done with care to achieve a lasting and beautiful tiled finish.

A lot of new tiled bathrooms are bathroom renovation jobs, where the homeowner has a tired and dated bathroom that they wish to redo in the latest trends.

We would be happy to share advice on the new layout of the bathroom so that the end result is exactly what you are wanting.

From dropped tile floor showers that do not have a ledge to free-standing bathtubs, whatever the feature you would like to promote, we have experience on how to go about achieving it.

Bathroom tiling completed with a drop floor for seamless entry.
Bathroom tiling completed in Greenhithe, Auckland.
Bathroom tiled to the ceiling in a West Auckland home.

Full Range of Bathroom Tiling Services.

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If you think it’s time to begin your bathroom tiling project, to finally build that bathroom of your dreams then the first step is with JB Tiling Services. 

To ensure your renovation  We hold all possible tiling qualifications that are available in New Zealand (NZQA National Certificate in Tiling), have full liability insurance from a trusted New Zealand Insurer and are also PS3 Waterproofing Certificate holders with the Auckland City Council. Meaning any water proofing work we do is fully legal and up to standard.

Get in touch today to organize a free quote and I will light the fuse that will get that bathroom going.

Professional, reliable and fully certified tiling work is guaranteed when you get your bathroom tiled by us and we have 25 years of experience to back that up. We work hard to ensure your tiling is done on time and so the next trade can start immediately after.

We are more than just West Auckland bathroom tilers, with our service areas also extending to the North Shore, Central Auckland and South Auckland, so if you live anywhere in Auckland, we can help.

Your beautiful bathroom awaits, only one small phone call/email gets the ball rolling and the tile installed.

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Bathroom tiled in West Auckland

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